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Social media is a form of online mass media where users can easily
interact by creating information through blogs, wikis, and other virtual worlds.
This research uses the theory of self existence and the theory of the spiral of
silence. One of the most popular social media in the community is Twitter. Twitter
is a social media networking service that gives access to the use of sending,
reading and replying to text, image and video based messages with a text limit of
up to 280 characters. Twitter is one of the social media that political leaders use
to interact with their supporters and attract public empathy. In its agenda,
political figures will more often update Twitter as they approach elections or
when major issues occur. Social media has a close relationship with politics
because social media, especially Twitter, has channels that are close to the
community so that people can easily get news directly from political figures.


Twitter, Citra Politik, Media Sosial

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Rahayu Ramadani, & Mifda Hilmiyah. (2019). Pembentukan Citra Politik di Media Sosial Twitter . KOMUNIDA : Media Komunikasi Dan Dakwah, 9(2), 254 - 268.


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