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Each song has its own message, both worldly and ukhrawi's message. This study
aims to find out how the construction of the values of nationalism in the verse "syi'ir
tanpo waton". Semiotic analysis used in this research is Ferdinand De Saussure's
semiotic which focuses on how a sign is seen from the linguistic or language side. The
results of this study indicate that how a poem constructs the value of nationalism, in this
case is shi'ir tanpo waton by KH Moh Nizam As Shofa. In his poetry there is a deep
nationalism value including; it takes a clean heart and clear mind to form a pure nature
of nationalism, promoting honesty and trustworthiness, understanding comprehensively
nationalism not half measures, helping each other in working, istiqomah and always
carrying out the commands of Allah SWT and the guidance of Rasulullah SAW.


Musik, Analisis Semiotik Ferdinand De Saussure, KH Moh Nizam As Shofa, Syi’ir tanpo waton, Konstruksi, nasionalisme

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M. Sabron Sukmanul Hakim. (2019). Konstruksi Nilai Nasionalisme dalam Bait Sya’ir Tanpo Waton (Analisis Semiotik Model Ferdinand De Saussure) . KOMUNIDA : Media Komunikasi Dan Dakwah, 9(2), 161 - 175.


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