AL-ISHLAH : Jurnal Studi Pendidikan <p><strong>Al Ishlah : Jurnal Studi Pendidikan </strong>&nbsp;adalah jurnal ilmiah yang diterbitkan oleh Jurusan Tarbiyah dan Adab STAIN Parepare sebagai wadah untuk menumbuhkan kreatifitas dan pertukaran gagasan di antara para akademisi, dosen, peneliti, praktisi dan pemerhati masalah pendidikan. Jurnal studi Pendidikan ini membahas tentang pokok-pokok permasalahan pendidikan baik dalam pengembangan teori, implementasi maupun pengembangan sistem pendidikan secara keseluruhan.</p> en-US AL-ISHLAH : Jurnal Studi Pendidikan 1693-7449 KEBIJAKAN PENGEMBANGAN PENDIDIKAN <p>The development of education in Indonesia is currently faced with the moral problems of the nation's children. This study aims to provide constructive results for the national education system in terms of character education of the nation. This research uses descriptive method to collect actual information in detail that describe the existing symptoms, identify problems, make comparisons or evaluations. This study shows that any morality-related issues of education can not be solved using only one approach but require another approach depending on the conditions prevailing at the time.Indonesia’s national education system developed from the struggle for independence and the renaissance of the nation. During its development, many influences, local or global, contributed to the changing nature of the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and teacher professionalism. The author argues that education reform should entail a dialog involving the government, educators, and society to attain the goal of constructing an independent society of democracy and social justice.</p> Muhaemin B ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-01-31 2017-01-31 15 1 1 14 PESANTREN DALAM DINAMIKA <p>Islamic education has been growing and developing along with the existence of Islam in Indonesia as an effort of Islamization, and as a process of growth and development of Islamic society in Indonesia. One form of Islamic education that was developed since the existence of Islam in the archipelago is Islamic boarding school. The current form of pesantren, in its history, is the development of the Prophet's period of education. namely: Khuttab and Khalaqah. In the development of pesantren, it has two functions, as a value transformation with amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar (classical function) and community development, as a means of improving living standards and community welfare (development function). As'adiyah pesantren since its foundation plays a role in the development of education in southern and eastern archipelago and serves as a printers of Islamic scholars and preservers. In this pesantren, becoming a scholar or kiai, santri are required to master various religious disciplines. Therefore, to reach the title of kiai (young kiai), not all santri can get it. A senior santri must first take a memorizing test from a kiai. The test results determine whether the kiai admit it or not. If it has been recognized by the kiai that the person is already worthy of being a young kiai. As'adiyah Boarding School's role is so great and make the government and community of Wajo district put hope to this pesantren to become one of change agent and community development. Thus, the demand is also for this pesantren, to be more responsive to the needs and challenges of the times.</p> Amiruddin Mustam ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-02-02 2017-02-02 15 1 15 27 PENGARUH KEMAMPUAN GURU MENGGUNAKAN MEDIA BERBASIS KOMPUTER TERHADAP PERHATIAN PESERTA DIDIK DALAM PEMBELAJARAN PAI DI SMPN 2 PINRANG <p>This article discusses the influence of teacher ability using computer-based media to the attention of learners on learning PAI in SMPN 2 Pinrang Regency. This toward study aims to determine the ability of teachers using computer-based media, the attention of learners on learning PAI in SMPN 2 Pinrang regency, and the effect of teacher ability using computer-based media to the attention of learners on learning PAI in SMPN 2 Pinrang regency. This type of research is quantitative research, as it find the objective, valid, and reliable data using numerical data, preferably observation, questionnaires, documentation. Data obtained through observation, questionnaires, and documentation. The results of this study indicate that the ability of teachers using computer-based learning media significantly influence the attention of learners on learning PAI SMPN 2 Pinrang District. Known from the results of hypothesis testing was proposed alternative hypothesis can be accepted. Based on the calculation, r calculated = 1,000 &gt; r table = 0,169 at 5% significant level so it is concluded that ho is rejected and ha is accepted. Means there is a significant positive influence between variables x and y variables. T test results show t arithmetic greater than t table, 6.029&gt;1.985, meaning Ho rejected or Ha accepted. the calculation results obtained by determination coefficient of 0.27,7 means the correlation value of 27.7 percent of independent variables can explain the deviation and dependent variables.Some of the implications in this study as a form of learning process development is the school is expected to facilitate the process of computer-based learning. Availability of infrastructure facilities will maximize the motivation, interest and attention of learners so that achievement and learning outcomes can be maximized.</p> Aljinnah hj ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-02-15 2017-02-15 15 1 28 43 PENGARUH PELAKSANAAN KINERJA PENGAWAS PAI DAN KEPALA SEKOLAH TERHADAP PROFESIONALITAS GURU PAI DI SMP NEGERI 1 PAREPARE <p>This article aims to discuss the implementation of the supervisory duties of the PAI, the performance of principals, the professionalism of PAI teachers, and the contribution of supervisors and principals to the professionalism of PAI teachers in SMP Negeri 1 Parepare. This type of research is applied research that is correlational or associative. The PAI surveillance population, the principals of one person and the PAI teacher are four. Sampling technique used is saturated sample technique or total sampling that is the determination and sampling taken as a whole as many as 6 people. The results show that the implementation of PAI supervisors in SMPN 1 Parepare is very high. The performance of principals is categorized as either high or good. The professional level of teachers of PAI is categorized as high, strong or good professionalism of the teacher. As for the supervisors of PAI and principals there is a very significant influence on the professionalism of PAI teachers in SMP Negeri 1 Parepare.</p> Andi Syamsul ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-03-15 2017-03-15 15 1 44 53 PENERAPAN MODEL PEMBELAJARAN MARKET PLACE ACTIVITY BERBANTUAN INTERNET DALAM MENINGKATKAN HASIL BELAJAR PAI KELAS VIII SMPN 3 LEMBANG KAB. PINRANG <p>This article discusses about application of learning model of Internet-based place market place in improving result of learning process of Islamic Religion Class VIII SMPN 3 Lembang Pinrang District. This study aims to determine the learning outcomes before and after the implementation of learning model Internet Place Activity assisted the internet, and whether there is an increase in learning results of Islamic Religious Education. This type of research includes experimental research, as it seeks to obtain objective, valid, and reliable data using numerical data, preferably pretest and posttest learning, observation and documentation. Data obtained through observation, tests, and documentation. The results of this study indicate, (1) The result of student learning process before the treatment (pretest) application of learning model of Market Place Activity assisted Internet, obtained mean (mean) equal to 64,12. (2) The result of student learning process after treatment (posttest)) application of learning model of Internet Place Activity with Internet, obtained mean (mean) equal to 87,64. And the improvement of the learning outcomes in the implementation of the Class VIII Classroom Internet Activity Learning model at SMPN 3 Lembang shows a significant improvement. Based on the research that has been done will give the impact of a better learning process. Some of the implications in this research as a form of learning process development that the teacher expected should be able to implement the Active, Innovative, Creative, Effective and Exciting Learning Model on teaching and learning activities by using methods and varied classroom settings and using modules, So it can lead to student motivation in learning.</p> Irwan Irwan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-03-22 2017-03-22 15 1 54 67 URGENSI PENDIDIKAN KARAKTER SEBAGAI PENGEMBANGAN MENTAL PESERTA DIDIK DI MTS. AS’ADIYAH PUTRA II PUSAT SENGKANG <p>This article aims to describe mental, character education form, and the urgency of character education of learners in MTs.As'adiyah Putra II Sengkang Center. Type of research used in this research is qualitative research with descriptive analysis and phenomenology approach. The paradigm of this study is qualitative by using analytical induction. The main instrument in this study is the researcher herself with several types of instruments are: interview guides, observation guides, field notes, and Crosscheck. In data processing, the researcher did the reduction, displaying and conclusion. The results showed that learners’ character in MTs.As'adiyah Putra II Center of Sengkang at the low level, it was indicated by the low level of self-awareness, has not got a sense of satisfaction and still need to foster peer relationships among teachers, parents and social environment. The form of character education which were done: First, integrating the values of character in learning activities. Second, extracurricular activities.Third, providing understanding and appreciation of the values of characters that are integrated into each subject being taught.Fourth, Familiarizing prayers in congregation in school and lecture training.Fifth, recitations and barasanji.Sixth, the participation of the school community in developing mental learners.Seventh, designing a conducive school atmosphere.Character education in MTs.As'adiyahPuta II Sengkang Center is very important to prepare learners able to face challenges of increasingly complex life dynamics.</p> Nurul Mawaddah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-03-30 2017-03-30 15 1 68 84 EFEKTIVITAS PENGGUNAAN MEDIA PEMBELAJARAN HURUF HIJAIYAH BERBASIS MULTIMEDIA TERHADAP KEMAMPUAN MEMBACA AL-QURAN PESERTA DIDIK KELAS III SD NEGERI 1 PAREPARE <p>This study discusses the Effectiveness of Using Hijaiyah Letters Learning Media Based Multimedia toward al-Quran reading Ability of the third grade students in SD Negeri 1 Parepare. The purpose of this thesis to know the al-Quran reading ability of students before and after Hijaiyah Letters Learning Media based Multimedia applied and then to know the the Effectiveness of Using Hijaiyah Letters Learning Media Based Multimedia toward al-Quran reading Ability of the third grade students in SD Negeri 1 Parepare.This type of research is a true-experimental research. The True-experimental research design used is Pre-Test and Post-Test Control Group Design, which means that there are two groups selected at random, then given pre test to know the initial state is there any difference between the experimental group and the control group. Data source is all students of the third grade students in SD Negeri 1 Parepare that is class III a and III b; Research instruments are Observation Sheet, reading test of Quran and Student Response Questionnaire; Data collection techniques are Observation, Test, and Questionnaire Technique; Processing Technique and analysis data includes Descriptive Statistics and Infrensial Statistics Analysis which includes Normality Test, Homogeneity Test, and Hypothesis Testing. The results of this research are: (1) The students of the experimental class and the control class have the ability to read al-Quran before being given treatment using Hijaiyah Letters Learning Media Based Multimedia. Both fall into the category quite smoothly. Then, al-Quran reading ability of experimental class after being treated better than the results of post-test control class, where the average result of the experimental class is 74.78 while the control class is 63.19 and belong to the category quite smoothly (2) The use of Hijaiyah Letters Learning Media Based Multimedia, proved to be effective can improve students' reading ability of the Quran. This result is proved by the increase of al-Quran reading ability, students activity during learning is good and student's response to learning activity is positive.</p> Wahyuni Munir ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2017-04-12 2017-04-12 15 1 85 105